Oral Fixation Track List

International success with his third effort to study in 2001 to linen, to create a project of the Spanish decided to Shakira for her next album, his first since his second Studio album where are the thieves? the year 1998. Laundry service co wrote nearly sixty pieces, sit on the tasks of the favorite selection [he] these documents to Fijacion Oral Vol 1 and its successor, Spanish oral fixation vol. for two sets of data Shakira oral fixation said that [they] a reason to write on the eve of the stock market the day before, writing, inspired more than to bite the forbidden fruit, which would be her oral fixation and [feeling still] [he] was a very oral person. [their] main source of joy. The second considers the cover of the band a tree falls and an Apple in his hand hold is Shakira unveiled. The girl, who kept him on the cover of the first volume is sitting in the tree, in allusion to the theory of the psychoanalyst Freud beginning babies, discover the world by mouth, while the oral psychosexual development. Complex magazine chose to cover oral fixation as the eleventh home sexy of all time, writing, it is the hottest aspect of Eve in the garden of Eden, we can imagine. . The cover of the album, are also classified as one of the sexiest covers albums, maxim, guard, writes a naked girl an Apple in a garden, but did not play when the girls hips Shakira shake. Heck, it could happen again anywhere, not could do it?. We're sorry, your browser or JavaScript disabled or not supported by the players. You can set the clip or download a player in the clip in your browser. We're sorry, your browser or JavaScript disabled or not supported by the players. You can set the clip or download a player in the clip in your browser. How you are to follow the Lord's prayer, before pushing the listener in the song sings McLachlan-Dear God, similar to, according to the world of composition Kristina Weise works of Gregorian chant, and a worrying phenomenon recite a bold opening. It presents themes of love with respect to belief and religion. The texts say, how many people is bad for you and dying? / Makes you proud, or take the shame? Shakira confirmed, decided in the bridge of the song, songs of various religions such as Islam, Judaism and Christianity are I. And the three singers say basically the same thing: apologize, declared that the railway company. The first single, don't worry is the latest installment of a report and the confusion that someone in a break is on the rise. Includes lines of lyrics, so I would you all own and move to a Communist country / if obviously you come with me, / and I would say that my nails, you won't hurt. Quickly follows with: and I am glad that I am not a type / I promise that after all, not I'll cry/well that don't waste time we will agree, I'm fine. For Shakira, I think he bother to Don ' t have much pain in it as a song, but also a lot of humor and sarcasm. Yes, there is a way, all these feelings to get rid of a form of catharsis, to all of those emotions, such as the expulsion of women at some point in our lives of torture. . The owner who wants to be the zipper of his jeans, sings in Hey that magazine career has been compared with the work of oral fixation track list the American Group, no doubt, by inclination. Mariachi horns CLO against City surf guitars of animals, non-go-there beware of false friends; during the Bossa Nova by something meander, one of the only two titles of Oral Fixation, taken in your pupils called accents in the first edition. Now fill your Gypsy caravan violin and guitar of the embrace of the FDA, while the costume clown makes a teardroppy, adult contemporary ballads, guitars RAM Rammender speaks to deceive her boyfriend. .